Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lawns Wood Cemetery - April 2014

Just passing en-route and we dropped in, not sure how I got to know about this place but some cracking shots to be had in this cemetery which sits on the outskirts of Otley, West Yorkshire.



This cemetery has some very unusual headstones and memorials...


The door, slightly open waiting for someone to enter or perhaps leave ?


Now if I had seen that as a child I would have shit myself and had sleepless nights for months.

So we carried on walking, not far, until we found this memorial, no Bart Simpson or similar engraved on this one.






We continued, sadly our search for the Weeping Angels was in vain, but the search will continue.



Just don't blink as you press the shutter....

Friday, 28 March 2014

Hartford Mill, Oldham - March 2014

We went to Oldham.

Oldham is a bit like Bolton, but a little more shit.

As you drive up the motorway towards the wonderful town of Oldham the vast Hartford Mill comes into view and slowly towers the outskirts of the town with its huge chimney.

Built in 1907 and abandoned 1992, this Grade II listed building has sadly been approved for demolition as it overshadows new housing developments in the area.

Hartford Mill, Oldham



In we walked, as you do, an empty shell of a building yet full of charm.

Hartford Mill, Oldham

 Hartford Mill, Oldham

Hartford Mill, Oldham

Up top, with a great big hole in the roof.

Hartford Mill, Oldham

Hartford Mill, Oldham - the view from






Time is running out for this old Hartford Mill, the much promised demolition looms (it has for years to be honest but the end is now nigh) so be quick if your planning to go - it is worth it just for the views up top of Manchester and the Pennine Hills alone.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A Closed Synagogue - March 2014

Visited with Judderman and ZerO81 - a planned day out for weeks, should add that this was a very, very late Plan B.

So Plan B, Plan A having suffered a fire the day before - fire and pillage (and the Daily Mail) are currently pissing me off.

I'm not a fan of religion, but the buildings are always worth a look.

So we popped down the motorway, as you do, to this lovely little tourist resort of a disused synagogue which closed a good few years back and now sits fighting the elements.



The place had been leaking left right and centre, wooden floors lifting.



Time for some close up stuff, having remembered to bring my overly expensive macro lens that I never use.






Given the number of photographers visiting this place, things move around - such as the wheelchair, which moved at least 4 times during my brief visit.





Into the main hall






And finally a bit of Nigella in the caretaker's room.


Something a little special this one, a bit of tourist spot but a gem of a place.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Old Filter House, Lancaster - February 2014

Tin Dog, is a person of words and he sent me a cracker for this rather overly damp Sunday -

Baggerspion : The urge to peer into boarded up construction sites. 

Literally - Digger Truck Spy Hole.
A German word with no English equivalent.
- Urban Spaceman wanted to do some Baggerspion.

Urban Spaceman as a traveling salesman of strangely oversized pink shower curtain hooks, spotted a little place just outside Lancaster, near a place from my past - Galgate. "Take a look at this, looks like a place for us !!" our intrepid explorer bragged and well he sent us this link, from the local rag. 

He wanted to Baggerspion and trusting the salesman of strangely oversized pink shower curtain hooks was the order of the day. Tin Dog simply shook his head, yet agreed.

We managed to drag him past Forton Services, he has sexual advances on this place, he dribbles at the sight of the place - very sad, but he also has a fetish for Accrington bricks.

Meanwhile at Galgate, our explore awaited....



It wasn't looking good, at all.



In fact this place had no redeeming features what so ever, so as the rain began to fall even more heavily shelter was taken in the bus stop - the local homeless had been sheltering also and we scuffled for space as a number of buses appeared thru the gloom in groups of three.


Alas a shit little, well not even an explore.

A jovial journey home, until Forton Services came into view - but that is another story for another day.....


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Return to Miley Tunnel, Preston - February 2014

After our aborted visit to Preston's Miley Tunnels back in December this one has been eating away at me, don't know why as its only a tunnel.

So Urban Spaceman and myself grabbed our gear for a trip into the Preston underworld.

A nice and easy in, with a bit of a puddle at the entrance - oh must mention the rats scuttling around in the undergrowth, Urban Spaceman swears he didn't see any but I saw a couple of the hairy beasts pottering around.

 Miley Tunnels, Preston


Not very much to say really, a long dark tunnel (very dark) running across the centre of Preston - a hole in the ground is simply a hole in ground.



So we walked to the end and then back, stopping off for a bit of fun midway.



 Miley Tunnels, Preston

We came back out into the light with the people of Preston looking at us strangely as if they wander past the entrances and railway cuttings without ever considering whats is actually down there in this big hole in the ground.

 Miley Tunnels, Preston

Well good people of Preston I will spill the beans on the big mystery with three R's - rats, rubbish and an old railway track and its bloody wonderful for some strange reason.